What Anthony Volpe’s call-up means for other Yankees middle infielders

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DJ LeMahieu

Of all the Yankee middle infielders, DJ LeMahieu is the least affected by Volpe’s call-up. LeMahieu was already expected to receive starts at second base, third base, first base and designated hitter this season, and Volpe’s promotion doesn’t change that.

Aaron Boone announced that LeMahieu will be the Yankees' leadoff hitter on Opening Day, but if Volpe is successful offensively, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him grasp the leadoff spot at some point this season.

Volpe is a much more dynamic baserunner than LeMahieu (especially coming off a foot injury), and with the new rules implemented, Volpe could be extremely valuable as a base stealer from the leadoff spot. In the event that Volpe does become the Yankees' leadoff hitter, LeMahieu would likely slot in as the fifth hitter in the lineup, but other than that, LeMahieu likely won’t be affected by Volpe.