Yankees wasting fans' time with Greg Allen is latest egregious offense

The Yankees designated Greg Allen for assignment ... about a month too late.

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

At 60-64, with the final nail about to be hammered into their coffin, the New York Yankees finally decided to take action. Better late than never, but it's objectively too late, as nothing is going to save their season because of how far they have to dig themselves out.

On Monday, we learned the Yankees were promoting Everson Pereira and Oswald Peraza to the big-league roster, but there wasn't yet any news on the corresponding transactions.

Less than 24 hours later, the team announced those two promotions as well as Carlos Rodón being reinstated, Billy McKinney (finally) being placed on the injured list, and Greg Allen being designated for assignment.

One day, the Yankees will make a roster move that doesn't force fans to blow a gasket, and here it's beyond frustrating to look back on how long this team held onto Allen for seemingly no reason.

Forget about promoting a top prospect. Three weeks ago, they could've traded for an outfielder, DFA'ed Allen, and relegated one of McKinney or Jake Bauers to the bench. They could've done anything to upgrade the roster. Instead, they waited three weeks, went 5-13, and will now call upon resources they had all along that won't be enough to stage a complete turnaround.

Yankees wasting fans' time with Greg Allen is latest egregious offense

The Yankees traded for Allen back in May after forcing the Red Sox into a corner. Allen suffered an injury after just 10 games with the Yankees, which kept him out from June 3 to July 22. Classic Yankees acquisition! Immediately injured.

Then, after he was activated from the injured list, the Yankees played a grand total of 12 games over the span of a month ... and he started just two of them. This was in the midst of both McKinney and Bauers mired in terrible slumps. It was in the midst of the Yankees still lacking athleticism almost all over the roster. It was still in the midst of the Yankees in need of capable left-handed bats, which McKinney and Bauers were not providing.

He just sat on the bench. Hung out. Nearly hit a game-tying home run against the Red Sox on Sunday. Then cut loose on Tuesday. What. Was. The. Point. Of. This?

Was it to remain a last-place team? If so, mission accomplished. The middling talent, concerns over service time with the prospects, and the overall delusion into thinking reinforcements weren't needed at the deadline have the Yankees in the position they're in now.

The lack of proactivity from the front office is encapsulated with whatever they decided to do with Allen. Another case study that will twist baseball sociologists into a pretzel 20 years from now.