Yankees vs Guardians Weather: Rainy Cleveland climate wipes out series opener

It's not what you want.
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

UPDATE: The game has been rained out, as of 1:00 PM EST. Shoutout to the Guardians, who apparently do not want to sell chicken buckets to angry patrons for four wet hours.

The Yankees might've gotten saved from some horrific first-week weather thanks to MLB's ghoulish season-opening road trip through Houston and Arizona (6-1, thanks!), but not a season goes by where New York doesn't get a few washouts early. Either that, or they have to break out the turtlenecks in sub-freezing evening weather.

Unfortunately, Friday night in Cleveland against the Guardians seems likely to bring the year's first interruption, after the Yankees made it through a six-game homestand unscathed.

Cleveland-forward AP sportswriter Tom Withers observed on Friday morning that the forecast for Clarke Schmidt vs. Carlos Carrasco was "not promising," with whipping winds currently registering at 26.4 MPH accompanying a likely chance of evening rain.

Yankees Rain Delay vs. Cleveland Guardians (Friday, April 12) to be expected

Yankees insider Bryan Hoch seemed equally pessimistic about the conditions early Friday, as one fan attempted to seek comfort from the MLB.com scribe, and instead received an aggrieved noise.

Based on the hourly forecast, it currently looks like rain/wind will be prevalent until around 10:00 PM EST, when things turn to "showers" instead.

The early start to Friday's unpleasant weather means the Guardians could get an early start on calling the game, doing a favor for any visitors with babysitting obligations to sort out. It's already ugly out there, and the doppler doesn't look like it's getting any better.

If the rain/wind doesn't die down, fans will be temporarily deprived of watching the surprising Yankees and Guardians -- both with only three losses -- send their No. 5 starters to the mound to open the series. Schmidt will theoretically oppose Carlos Carrasco, the veteran who made his MLB debut with Cleveland back in 2009. He was initially dealt from Philadelphia in the Cliff Lee trade, which we've heard had some impact on that year's postseason (but not enough to stop a wrecking ball, baby). Carrasco pitched for Cleveland consistently from '09 up until the Francisco Lindor trade with the Mets, then returned on a minor-league deal this past winter.

Stay tuned for additional updates on whether this will be a long night, or merely an unpleasant one with a quick-and-painless early ending.

Oh, and it's raining in New York, too, so ... you can feel like you're there!