Yankees vs Diamondbacks Weather: Updates, Schedule Change, Aaron Judge Bobblehead

Bummer for everybody on Saturday.

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Yankees
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The New York Yankees rolled the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night behind Aaron Judge's three home runs and dominant pitching from Luke Weaver and Jhony Brito, which set the perfect vibes for Saturday's matinee.

It's Aaron Judge No. 62 Bobblehead Day! With how poorly this season has went, it looked like one nice thing would line up for the Yankees. Judge, after an incredible night and inching closer to an obscure record for most home runs in a season with no more than 108 games played, was set to take the field once more in the final homestand and have his historic 2022 season honored among the fans.

But Major League Baseball got ahead of Tropical Storm Ophelia making its way up the coast. Saturday's game has been postponed (there's no reschedule date). Even worse, anybody hoping to get their hands on the Judge 62 bobblehead will have to wait until 2024.

The promotional item giveaway was rescheduled for April 20, 2024 during a series against the Tampa Bay Rays. You hear that, stoners?!

As for the game, it's odd they haven't yet figured out a date because the Diamondbacks are in a tight NL Wild Card race that will probably need every contest settled in order to determine who plays in October. But there are also a lot of moving parts.

Yankees-Diamondbacks Postponed Saturday; Aaron Judge Bobblehead Day Pushed to 2024

Some more bad news? The weather is also looking terrible for Sunday, which could really put MLB in a bind with adjusting everything over the next week. The 2023 season ends on Oct. 1.

The problem here is the Diamondbacks have to travel to Chicago on Monday to face the White Sox for three games while the Yankees have off. Arizona has off Thursday, but the Yankees will be playing their series finale against the Toronto Blue Jays, which will have big playoff implications. Arizona then closes out the season at home against the Astros while the Yankees finish their road trip in Kansas City vs the Royals.

The Blue Jays are off Monday and the White Sox are off Thursday. Perhaps MLB works some sort of switcharoo with Chicago willing to push their series back or the Blue Jays willing to move their series forward so the Yankees and Diamondbacks can share an off day and use that for the makeup doubleheader?

The Blue Jays might not want to mess with their mojo in the final week and the D-backs might prefer waiting this out to see what the rest of the NL Wild Card contenders do over the weekend. But the move here would be to push the White Sox series back because their season is meaningless, too.

UPDATE: That's exactly what they're doing!

Anyway, back to college football and Week 3 of the NFL. Stay tuned for updates.