Yankees Trade Deadline Predictions: NYY deals 2 veterans, adds outfield power

The Yankees can't stand pat. They just can't.
New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles
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Wandy Peralta to San Francisco Giants for OF Rayner Arias (MLB Pipeline No. 20 Prospect)

While the Giants are run shrewdly and might be skittish of Peralta's shady metrics, they're also entirely familiar with the mojo the pitcher brings. After all, they're the team that traded him to the Yankees back in 2021 to get their hands on Mike Tauchman, a mutually beneficial move.

Peralta is a postseason-tested, swing-and-miss artist with velocity that's trended up since he left the Bay. He's also done a great job of limiting everything but walks in 2023, so the Giants' staff will have a very clear mission if he's acquired.

Farhan Zaidi's Giants are dedicated to sustainable winning, so they might be reticent about trading a teenaged lottery ticket. But in this year's Wild Card race, every win matters, and adding Peralta to the bullpen mix might be worth sacrificing a 2023 signee who has hit .414 in Rookie Ball this year. It never hurts to ask, at least; the Yankees will probably still say yes to this deal if the Giants try to swap in a lesser prospect like top-level pitchers Randy Rodríguez and Ryan Murphy.

With the Yankees down 5-1 and racing headfirst into oblivion on Monday night, it's a shame Peralta did not receive a farewell appearance. It's more likely than not that his Yankees career has ended, with more personal missions accomplished than we could've ever asked for.