Tampa Bay radio host has weak challenge for WFAN after Rays cheating accusation

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Elsa/GettyImages

If you're a WFAN listener, you know there are some wonky takes that are birthed from the always entertaining New York radio. When it comes to Yankees baseball, you just know that'll be exacerbated beyond belief.

Earlier this week, after the Tampa Bay Rays took down the Yankees in a three-game series after spoiling the Bombers' 6-0 lead in the fifth with Gerrit Cole on the mound, "Carton and Roberts" decided to take it upon themselves and ponder if "something fishy" had been happening in Tampa.

Evan Roberts said there was "something suspicious" about the Rays' 28-7 start, which ... normally wouldn't be an insane assumption, but in 2023, the record's the clear result of the Rays both clicking and playing an insanely weak schedule thus far. When 19 of your first 35 games come against the Tigers, Nationals, Athletics, White Sox and Reds, yeah, you'll probably go 17-2 if you're a competent baseball team.

But it seems Roberts and Craig Carton didn't do their research before assuming that unsavory practices were propping up the Rays to begin 2023, and they just rolled with it. Kind of easy to do after the Astros rocked all of baseball with their cheating scandal.

We wouldn't disagree that it's the weakest form of low-hanging fruit, but if you're going to call out Carton and Roberts, please don't have it be as cringey or lack this much conviction.

In response to Carton and Roberts' claim, Jay Recher of 95.3 WDAE in Tampa read an incredibly underwhelming monologue off a piece of paper in what we can consider a "callout" ... we guess?

"If you come at the king" in reference to Tampa baseball can't be serious. The Rays have never won a World Series. "If you come at Tampa Bay sports, this is what you're going to get." What are we getting?! An offer for you to debate two talking heads that aren't sports insiders? Riveting. Junior Varsity First Take, on the radio. Ratings in the trash can.

No details. Just vibes and generic statements.

Unless Recher has evidence the Rays aren't cheating, what's the appeal of him waltzing into the WFAN studios? So the world can listen to more people yell on the New York radio airwaves?

We have enough of that. So if Recher is going to make a trip to the Tri-State area, perhaps he should center it around visiting his parents and hugging his nephew since that'll be a better use of time. For everybody.