Yankees' spring training roster cuts suggest there won't be surprise promotions

2024 New York Yankees Spring Training
2024 New York Yankees Spring Training / New York Yankees/GettyImages

The New York Yankees have made three rounds of spring training roster cuts over the last few days, and it's safe to say fans are gradually becoming less subject to a potential surprise as Opening Day approaches.

Over the weekend, Josh Breaux, Ben Rice, Joey Gerber, Luis Gil, Yoendrys Gomez, Chase Hampton and Art Warren were reassigned to minor-league camp, which helped provide clarity with the pitching staff.

Were you thinking about an expedited Hampton promotion? Not happening. Did you think Gil was going to kick the year off with regular playing time in the bigs after Tommy John surgery? No go. Did you think YoGo was going to be a surprise addition to the Opening Day staff? Cool nickname, but nope.

The Yanks answered some more questions on Tuesday, too, and perhaps the biggest one on the minds of optimistic fans. Spencer Jones, despite an impressive start, will not be breaking camp with the Bombers.

But most of us knew that. We wouldn't blame you for holding out hope, though. Same goes for Caleb Durbin, who lit up the Arizona Fall League but has struggled so far in spring training.

Yankees' spring training roster cuts suggest there won't be surprise promotions

Jeter Downs has always been a prime candidate for Triple-A and Brandon Lockridge still has some work to do in the upper levels of the system, with no room in the big-league outfield. No surprises there, or anywhere, really.

Jones was never going to crack the Opening Day roster, even with a blistering spring, and Durbin always felt like he had an outside chance/would've needed injuries to help his case.

As for the rest, again, pretty standard. Rice, like Durbin, needed a path cleared for any shot at major league playing time. Breaux still isn't where he needs to be in his development. Gerber got rocked in just one inning of work (two appearances) this spring.

The first batch of demotions feel like they have the best shot to appear at the MLB level this year. Gil, Gomez, Hampton and Warren should all be utilized at some point throughout 2024, especially with injuries bound to hit the roster. Not to mention, a number arms will more than likely need a rest at some point, via an option or phantom IL stint.

All this tells us is that the Yankees might finally have formidable depth to help them get through a grueling 162-game season that has actual World Series aspirations.

Fans have to like the sound of that.