Yankees' Spencer Jones, Brock Selvidge shake off several injury scares in Double-A

New York Yankees v Miami Marlins
New York Yankees v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Tuesday night's Double-A game in Somerset, NJ was a minefield for the Yankees prospects who shined the brightest in Spring Breakout last month. Luckily, both of them appear to have escaped unscathed, though neither is probably feeling amazing this morning.

Left-hander Brock Selvidge toed the rubber for his second start at the Double-A level, and couldn't get those toes out of the way fast enough in the second inning.

He was drilled in the foot by a comebacker in the second inning, staying in the game and ultimately completing five frames. His effort was all the more impressive, considering he was also drilled by a second comebacker later in the game.

He stayed in and continued pitching both times.

Yankees top prospects Brock Selvidge, Spencer Jones shake off Double-A injury scares

Ultimately, Selvidge continued on a positive trajectory, sending the Hartford Yard Goats packing after they waged war on his ankles. He allowed four runs in five innings, but only two of them were earned, paired with one walk and six strikeouts.

That marks 11 Ks for the 21-year-old through nine innings encompassing two starts, along with a slightly worrisome .316 average against and 1.67 WHIP. It's early, but it'd be nice if he could at least point the hard contact he allows in a different direction.

Selvidge wasn't the only marquee name on display Tuesday night, nor was he the only one in the line of fire. After missing nearly the first week of the season with nebulous neck stiffness, Spencer Jones returned to action Saturday, going 2-for-3 with a double, walk and RBI. He DH'd in that affair, and made his defensive debut on Tuesday night ... almost immediately crashing into the wall in pursuit of a deep drive.

Jones didn't stay down long, and ultimately pulled it together to stay in the game (and complete a hitless evening).

This pursuit wasn't quite as careless as, say, Juan Soto diving in his spring training debut with the Yankees, but for a player who's already missed some time this season and is fighting the fragility allegations, there's no real need to go this hard.

Selvidge kept getting targeted Tuesday, but Jones made himself the target here. Would be best not to pursue walls moving forward, for all scouts in attendance (and fans with their hearts in their throats).