Yankees should follow Aaron Judge's lead and pursue ideal City Connect jersey

It's right in front of their faces.
Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Aaron Judge isn't the only Yankees player, in recent years, who's had a distinct motif to his traditional pinstriped jersey accents -- Harrison Bader and Jasson Dominguez also come to mind.

He is, though, the only Yankees player who's a captain, and when he wields outsized influence, it's hard not to notice Judge's theming.

Judge's personal brand has meshed well with the Yankees' guiding principles, but his Jordan Brand partnership is only just beginning, and should continue to give him a unique chance to blaze his own personal pathway. When we have seen him get creative, it's usually to show additional love to the City of New York and its landmarks, as he seeks to someday become one.

On Tuesday night, Judge took some strides toward shortening his stride and getting his swing back on track, ripping a first-inning double and eventually scoring, then making solid contact on a few long flyouts. In so doing, he showed off a sliding glove featuring a glowing Statue of Liberty torch; the bright teal stood out significantly.

And so ... there's no better time than the present to echo a plea that's already circulating on Twitter. Why can't the Yankees have City Connect jerseys again? And why can't they be almost exactly this?

Yankees captain Aaron Judge should inspire City Connect jerseys with Liberty-themed glove

The Mets have purple. The Mets have the 7 Line. The Yankees don't need tokens. They need teal -- or, at least, teal trim.

Hal Steinbrenner has repeatedly balked when asked about potential Yankees City Connect jerseys, and as of now, they're the only team (that's staying in their home ballpark in 2025) that isn't slated to receive one. The only other MLB club is the one that definitely, for sure, absolutely, is not rooted in Oakland anymore, and remains disconnected from any and all cities.

Any time the Yankees have strayed from the familiar in the past, it's been to embrace tradition rather than innovate upon it. This past winter, they removed the white trim from their road jerseys, returning to the 1950s look in a nostalgia-building move that's gotten mostly rave reviews (unless said jerseys are being sweated into).

Of course, it would be out of character for the Yankees to pivot their color scheme, even a few times per season. But, if they were to ever win a World Series again, they'd be receiving gold-accented gear, according to an MLB tradition that was birthed following their most recent championship.

Why not get a head start on switching things up by following Judge's lead?