Yankees send Aaron Judge for hip MRI, keep Jake Bauers in limbo

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers
New York Yankees v Texas Rangers / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

We'll give it to you straight: Even though Yankees fans would love to see Jake Bauers on the roster in place of Aaron Hicks/Franchy Cordero/Willie Calhoun, it's actually bad news if he gets elevated this weekend.

That's because the red-hot Bauers has joined the team as a member of the Taxi Squad only, pending an MRI on Aaron Judge's hip, which he injured crashing into third base in an ill-advised steal attempt on Wednesday.

If Judge's hip checks out alright, Bauers will probably not be used. If Judge's MRI reveals a serious issue, Bauers will be their next choice.

And, honestly, as Jomboy tweeted, no matter what Judge's MRI shows, they should probably just take him off his feet for 10 days and use Bauers. Judge is far too valuable to be messed around with (and shouldn't have messed around with his own body, either).

But, no point in speculating on that now. For now, we wait.

Yankees send Aaron Judge for MRI on hip injury

And, let the record state that Brendan Kuty acknowledged in the above piece that Judge's right hand is bothering him, the first time we've seen that written in ink. Previously, anyone with two eyes could tell that Judge's constantly-being-shaken hand was giving him trouble, which is why his removal with a hip problem on Thursday made everyone go cross-eyed. Now, we know we're not crazy, and it's both.

I'll wrap this article with one more rant directed at Judge, before we know the severity of the issue: What were you doing, dude? The hopes of this entire downtrodden offense rest upon you being Superman, an admittedly impossible ask. You'd just awoken the team with a blistering three-run double. You'd delivered. Why did you undo everything by hurling yourself full-speed into the frozen Minnesota turf, especially while you were already in scoring position? I don't want to be mad at you, but for the first time in a long time, you're making it hard.

Like the whole world waiting for your MRI results, I'll wait.