Yankees Schedule 2024: Start times revealed for Opening Day, home opener, all 162 games

It's all happening!
New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals
New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

The stage is set. The lights have been dimmed. And the Yankees have most of a rotation.

In case you needed another clear signal that the 2024 MLB season was fast approaching, the league dropped official start times on Wednesday afternoon for all 162 games of their forthcoming slate, as well as some critical information on spring training. That'll be where fans will be able to follow the faces of the future in the first-ever Spring Breakout matchups, an official prospect showcase. It should be a pretty convenient place to spot talent, unless you prefer scouring the backfields (many of us do).

When the regular season kicks off, the Yankees will travel to (JEEZ, REALLY?) Houston and Phoenix, the homes of their top tormentors for the past decade, as well as the defending National League champions.

At least, after months of being kept in the dark, you can finally plan your Yankees travel pathways, because every game, home and away, now has an official start time on the Yankees' 2024 schedule.

Yankees Schedule: When is Yankees Opening Day?

Somehow, some way, Major League Baseball decided it was appropriate and/or funny to shove the Yankees in Houston for Opening Day. Their season will begin against the Astros at baseball's primary hellmouth, and the game on March 28 will take place at 4:10 PM EST. Ideally, Gerrit Cole will be facing off against Justin Verlander.

While the irony might not be as subtle as when MLB somehow pitted the Aaron Judge free agency competitors together for last year's opener, it should still be a (gulp) good time in (gigantic gulp) H-Town.

What time is Yankees Home Opener?

After their (extremely unfair) early-season punishment, the Yankees will mercifully return home to face off with the Toronto Blue Jays. The first game at the friendly confines this season will start at 1:05 PM EST on Friday, April 5. The first home night game of the year will be Saturday, April 6 at 7:05 PM EST. It would be socially acceptable to pregame at Billy's for either one of these games.

When will Juan Soto's home debut in pinstripes be? Cross your fingers it's Friday afternoon, with plenty of early-season optimism still flowing. The remainder of the (balanced) schedule is packed with powerful matchups, national television appearances (two Sunday Night Baseball games in June), and even the Little League Classic against the Tigers later in the summer.

And when we find out who's going to start some of these games on the mound, we'll let you know.