Yankees Rumors: Yamamoto edge over Mets, Wandy Peralta, Cody Bellinger

The Yankees might have some tricks up their sleeve.
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Yankees Rumors: Wandy Peralta returns?

After the majority of analysts all but wrote off a Wandy Peralta comeback in 2024 and beyond, it seems like we might've gotten Frankie Montas'd again (aka the Yankees see things differently).

"Multiple sources" told Gary Phillips of the Daily News this week that the Yankees are interested in bringing Peralta back, though reports indicate an offer has yet to be extended in the lefty's direction.

The Yankees didn't supplement Peralta in the bullpen with any additional viable lefty options the past few years (whither Matt Krook?), and he's been an integral rubber band man for the past three seasons in the Bronx, serving in whatever role the team has needed. You want him back-to-back days? No problem; he'll pitch in all five games of an ALDS against Cleveland.

Now 32, though, Peralta spent the second half of 2022 fighting back regression. His FIP didn't match his ERA. His control/command had begun to betray him. He was more hittable than his surface numbers indicated. And yet ... the dam never broke. It felt like Peralta got lucky reaching free agency without a meltdown and would be able to cash in elsewhere.

Apparently, that "elsewhere" might look a lot like back home, and we'll just have to trust that the Yankees know what to expect moving forward.