Yankees Rumors: Top prospect Roderick Arias slated for season-ending surgery

Don't have to worry about losing Roderick Arias for a rental, huh?
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In early 2022, the Yankees splashed the vast majority of their international cash on securing shortstop Roderick Arias, a wiry infielder with significant power potential (and early-developing pop).

This summer, Arias has taken an impressive leap forward, emerging from the shadows to show off advanced plate discipline, defensive skills, left-handed flair, and -- of course -- the ability to strike moonbombs while still a teenager. His rise up the prospect rankings after coming stateside to the Florida Complex League had teams asking about his availability a few weeks back, clearly hoping to sucker the Yankees into trading off significant potential for a rental/2023 bandage.

No dice. The Yankees aren't that foolish. They know what they have in Arias, and have no issue holding onto a potential star shortstop at every level if it means they keep his Francisco Lindor-like package in the system.

Regrettably, it might be 2024 before any more of his potential is realized, though. Arias has been held out of the lineup the past few days, but rumor has it the scratch has nothing to do with trade talks. John Brophy, who's always "in the know" regarding the team's Florida prospect camps and Single-A Tarpons, has heard that Arias will undergo season-ending surgery for a hand injury.

Yankees future star shortstop Roderick Arias might need season-ending hand surgery

There shouldn't be any long-term risk there, but it does slow Arias' development and decreases his chances of breaking camp next winter on a full-season roster.

Arias will turn 19 on Sept. 9 of this year, and might get the bump to Tampa after the Yankees can prove he's properly healed. Prior to this stumbling block, he'd shown more than enough to dream on, hitting home runs and displaying patience at an advanced rate.

Oh, and he's got swagger, too.

Arias is one of many high-level shortstops in the Yankees' system, from fast-rising college bat Trey Sweeney to the big-league duo of Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza to 2023 first-round pick George Lombard Jr.

Young shortstops typically possess the athleticism to become anything down the line, however. That's a major part of their appeal. Arias? He seems like he could be the one to stick at the position, based on 2023's latest scouting. Hopefully, when he returns, he gets his momentum back and continues to knock down doors and force the action.