Yankees Rumors: Rangers development could derail NYY's Jordan Montgomery pursuit

The Yankees want Jordan Montgomery back, but the Rangers just got renewed life.
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Wondering why the New York Yankees haven't spent at all in free agency? Well, they acquired $45 million in salary by bringing aboard Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo. They also got to the finish line on the $300 million sweepstakes for Yoshinobu Yamamoto. They lost. Whuddya gonna do?

Wondering why the World Series Texas Rangers haven't done diddly squat, though? That might be a more pertinent topic of discussion. Every year we talk about that much desired championship revenue that breathes more life into a team's free agency endeavors.

But Texas has been as quiet as anybody else. They have a reason, however. For a while there, their local TV deal was threatened because Bally Sports and Diamond Sports Group remain in bankruptcy court and Bally will be "stepping away from broadcasting baseball completely" once an agreement is reached.

The revenue from local TV partnerships, in the end, is a major source of spending power for every MLB team. We could argue the billionaire owners and revenue earnings from a deep playoff run should probably be enough, but the reality is that this is an immense aspect of the business side of the game.

Turns out, the stagnant free agent market has been a blessing for Texas. MLB insider Jon Heyman says the local TV issue is going to be "resolved somewhat soon," which he believes now makes them the frontrunner for Jordan Montgomery.

Yankees Rumors: Rangers TV deal could affect NYY's pursuit of top free agent

The Yankees are reportedly interested in reuniting with Montgomery, and though we've expressed great doubt on that front, the noise hasn't dissipated. But the longer they wait, the greater danger they'll find themselves mashed in with other contenders entering the mix.

It seemed for a moment like the Rangers were out because of their money issues. Now they're apparently back. The Red Sox aren't spending until they clear more payroll. Same goes for the Mariners. The Cubs seem to be sitting on their hands, too. The time to capitalize and avoid a larger mess might've already passed because of the Rangers' situation being sorted out.

And if any of those other teams get their act together? The Yankees will find themselves in a full-fledged bidding war they won't want to partake in.

But the worst might already be upon them. Previous reports have suggested Monty is very much interested in a reunion with Texas after carrying them down the stretch and throughout their World Series run. Have to say ... that's a much better relationship than he had with the Yankees.

So ... yeah. It feels like it's time for the Yankees to figure something out with Blake Snell, who recently entered the rumor mill as a Bombers target.