Yankees Rumors: MLB insider pitches hatable free agency swap with Mets

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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Can this please stop? We have no interest in thinking about what might happen come November. There's still 90% of the MLB season to play with Juan Soto as a member of the New York Yankees. Don't let those Mets fans tweeting, "Man, he's going to look great doing this in Blue and Orange!" get to you.

But we kind of have to pay attention and dial in when chatter is coming from members of the media. The New York Post has been on top of everything Mets-Soto related, and it's left us no choice but to address it in a frustrating manner.

The latest comes from MLB insider Jon Heyman, who's taken the discussion to the next level. Though he leans into Yankees fans' preferences and says Soto will be their "top priority," he then reiterates there's a possible chance the Mets "somehow" out-bid them.

Heyman also notes the Mets are "expected to make a run" at incumbent star first baseman Pete Alonso, but it's possible David Stearns prioritizes younger players in free agency. If that's the case, Alonso could very well be headed elsewhere.

And Heyman said the "best outside option" is "probably" the Yankees, assuming Soto departs.

Yankees Rumors: MLB insider pitches hatable free agency swap with Mets

There's no denying Alonso's power and overall talent, but the Yankees' consolation prize probably won't be another 30-year-old who makes the team less athletic. Soto's free agency is among the unique ones in league history, because he's younger than most and will be 26 years old, which means the Yankees would be more inclined to spend more.

In the case of Alonso, he'll be 30 in December and adds to the Yankees' previous right-handedness problems. He'll also be labeled as a "future DH" and New York has plenty of those, with Giancarlo Stanton already locked into that role until the team decides to move on or his contract expires.

Now, if we were talking Soto and Alonso? That's a different story. Fans would more than likely welcome that, especially as Anthony Rizzo continues to struggle on both sides of the ball. Alonso would be a massive upgrade and make the Yankees a juggernaut.

But there's the payroll of it all. Assuming Soto will be making $40+ million a year, which is likely, the Yankees are going to be in the $280 million range if the lefty slugger is retained. Alonso will be looking for a massive deal, and it's doubtful Hal Steinbrenner will want to be in the Steve Cohen tax range two years in a row when he's already going to have to address the pitching staff in all likelihood.

Yankees fans will take a hard pass on a "Soto for Alonso" free agency exchange. It's Soto or bust in everyone's eyes, and the excessive Mets chatter won't get in the team's way.