Hilarious list of teams showing rumored interest in Domingo Germán

It's like this tweet was created in a lab for our amusement.
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Domingo Germán's New York Yankees career, which remained on thin ice from Sept. 2019 to Summer 2023, officially came to an end in early August, about one month after the right-hander polished off a perfect game against the Oakland A's.

Germán often flashed excellent breaking stuff during his boom-or-bust tenure in pinstripes, but his troubles off the mound came to define him, as well they should've. The right-hander received an 81-game suspension under the league's domestic violence policy, based on an incident that occurred in 2019 at a charitable function. Reportedly rehabilitated and in a relationship with the same partner involved in that event, Germán returned to the mound in 2021 and continued alternating solid starts with erratic ones (and, yes, with unblemished perfection) through last year.

Just past the midpoint, though, Germán was held out of a start against the Rays, only to show up mid-game in the bullpen, unshaven. Reports indicated he'd suffered an "armpit" injury and would be unavailable, but miraculously recovered in time to appear in the game. Color us skeptical, as just days later, Germán was exiled from the team and sent to the Restricted List. Details from the dust-up were gruesome, and reportedly involved a thrown television set (under the influence of alcohol), a fight with Aaron Boone, and time spent in the sauna to sober up.

That was the last time his locker was occupied, and the last time we thought he might be heard from ... until, over the weekend, insider Mike Rodriguez launched a tweet claiming Boston, Toronto and Houston -- alongside a mystery team -- are in pursuit of Germán's services. But can he even provide them anything?

Yankees hurler Domingo Germán being eyed by four teams in MLB free agency?

Don't know Rodriguez? He's got bonafides; he broke the Javier Baez contract terms when the magician-turned-second-baseman went to Detroit, and was congratulated by Jon Morosi for his efforts.

This list could represent a bunch of early entrants who sniffed around the market and backed out, or it could be a bouquet of rumors that eventually disappears in four puffs of smoke. But ... while we're waiting for a resolution, it's certainly fun to live in the world where three of the Yankees' enemies are heavily interested in their enigmatic right-hander who plowed his way towards the Restricted List last summer with an alcohol-fueled tantrum in the clubhouse.

To their credit, Red Sox insider Chris Cotillo extinguished Boston's interest after Rodriguez's initial report dropped.

There shouldn't be a way, and yet Germán continued to find his way into the Yankees' plans year after year after godforsaken year, when nearly any piece of adequate depth would've painted a rosier picture of the team's morality.

Here's hoping, the next time the Yankees encounter him, that he's wearing a rival's jersey and his curveball is particularly meaty.