Yankees Rumors: Aaron Hicks landing in AL East gives him prime revenge opportunity

Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

And it's official!

The New York Yankees ended the Aaron Hicks era a week and a half ago just as the veteran outfielder was starting to find a rhythm at the plate. It was the right move -- and long overdue -- but the timing was simply bizarre.

Hicks, as expected, cleared waivers because nobody was going to inherit ~$27 million in salary commitments if they didn't have to. Everyone took a gamble and let the Yankees foot the bill until Hicks found a new home.

Apparently, Hicks is on his way back to the AL East, per Joez McFly of Jomboy Media. The Baltimore Orioles are rumored to be taking a chance on the embattled veteran, who hasn't performed anywhere close to competent since the shortened 2020 season. FanSided's Robert Murray confirmed (and confirmed to Yanks Go Yard) that the two sides are close.

Unfortunately, multiple injuries derailed the end of his Yankees tenure and the relationship ended on a sour note, but that now gives him a prime opportunity to get revenge on his former team since he'll be staying in the AL East.

Yankees Rumors: Aaron Hicks signing with Baltimore Orioles

The O's outfield depth situation behind Cedric Mullins, Anthony Santander and Austin Hays is fairly weak with Terrin Vavra and Ryan McKenna, so taking a flyer on Hicks isn't exactly a reach for them. Mullins is also dealing with an injury at the moment.

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, Baltimore knows the Yankees vengeance factor will loom large here. It always does for disgruntled players who end up leaving the Bronx unceremoniously. Hicks made that clear just a few days into this season when he questioned his role on the team ... after three games.

If Hicks touches down in Baltimore, he could be back in New York the weekend of July 4 when the O's return for a series at Yankee Stadium. Can't imagine what that reception would be like, can you? Or, this could be a Gary Sánchez situation, where he's squeezed off the roster again when Mullins returns.

For now, though, we'll wait on the veracity of this buzz and provide updates as they come in.