Yankees Roster Bubble Projections: Who are the last three in, first three out?

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First Three off Yankees Roster: Anthony Volpe, SS

Sorry. We're really, really sorry. But the silver linings still abound here.

While logic dictates Volpe won't make this roster due to service time concerns, he has done literally everything right in camp. He has sprinted around the bases. He has cracked liners in the gap. He has pummeled homers. He has hit all types of pitching, from bottom-feeders to All-Stars. He has opened every eye that was somehow still closed. And he won't be down for long.

But once you ring that bell, it cannot be unrung. If Volpe's installed as the starter to begin the season, he can't be demoted to Triple-A without cacophonous failure screams following him down the ladder. At least this time it'll be Oswald Peraza at short. Volpe will not have lost his job to a stopgap like Kiner-Falefa. He'll have been edged out by the slightly-more-accomplished member of the Yankees' infield of the future.

The Yankees have enough of an infield logjam without also introducing a phenom who can't be demoted without an outcry and won't gain anything from sitting on the bench and soaking in the view. As much as it sucked to write this, New York has plenty of reasons to turn a blind eye to Volpe's stardom, and the team will be ready to embrace him whenever their first infield injury of 2023 arrives.