Yankees Roster Bubble Projections: Who are the last three in, first three out?

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
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First Three off Yankees Roster: Greg Weissert, RHP

If Krook and Cordero are joining Albert Abreu in our latest projection, it stands to reason that Greg Weissert would be the last pitcher squeezed off the bubble and onto the Triple-A roster. And that's fine! Because anyone who knows anything knows that Weissert will eventually make his way back to the bigs, and gets the honor of likely being the most valuable arm on the Scranton roster, especially with so many depth starters shucked off in trades last year.

Weissert's slider doesn't look like any other pitch; it's a one-in-a-million sweeper. Once he gets his big-league feet entirely wet, he'll be able to look more like the guy who blew away 70 Triple-A bats in 48 innings, rather than the guy who couldn't get in rhythm last fall and ended up with a few Bad Egg outings and a 5.56 ERA. He won't be down for long.

First Three off Yankees Roster: Deivi Garcia, RHP

From the base of the Christmas Tree with the water and wood chips to somewhere on the top-tier quadrant of pine needles, Deivi Garcia has done a remarkable job proving to top brass that he can still be an ornament this spring. Following 9.1 spring innings, 10 Ks, a 1.93 ERA, and elevated fastball velocity, Garcia looked much closer to a top prospect than a bust. If you'd cryogenically frozen yourself after the 2020 season, you never would've known this was the same guy who tried to reshape his breaking ball and ended up with 6.85 and 6.89 ERAs back-to-back in the minors.

Garcia will likely be one of the first few names up on the Shuttle this year after being the likeliest 40-man roster cut of all at the end of last season. That matters.