Yankees reported decision on Aaron Boone is bad sign for 2024 changes

The Yankees claim they need to make changes ... but they aren't making the right ones.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Yankees
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

After Sunday's loss and their expected elimination from playoff contention, the New York Yankees admitted changes needed to be made for the 2024 season, with captain Aaron Judge and manager Aaron Boone echoing those sentiments in the postgame.

Fans would agree the changes should begin at the top, with Hal Steinbrenner showing Brian Cashman the door and bringing in somebody new to gut the front office and start from scratch. But that's not happening.

The next most impactful move? Let Boone go with a year left on his contract. Whether he's the actual problem or not, his culture of complacency has certainly played a role in the team falling short of expectations for four years running now.

Getting rid of Boone won't exactly solve anything overnight because of how broken the roster is, but it would at least send a message and give the Yankees a sort of a blank canvas to begin their reconstruction/retool journey.

Well, Step 1 has reportedly failed. Per Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Boone will be returning as a lame duck manager in 2024.

Yankees Rumors: Aaron Boone returning as manager for 2024 season

"The New York Yankees, who debated whether a managerial change was needed, now are expected to bring back manager Aaron Boone next season. 'That’s ultimately not my decision,' Boone told reporters. 'So we’ll see.' "

Bob Nightengale, USA Today

And how about that! The Yankees doing it all incorrectly yet again. They let the news leak to the media while the subject in question has "no idea" what the outcome is going to be. Boone was asked about it before the series finale against the Diamondbacks on Monday that was rescheduled because of Saturday's rain.

The Yankees keep stressing the long-term health and outlook of the club is most important. Do they see Boone managing beyond 2024 if they fail to win a World Series next year? Do they see Boone as the guy ushering in the next youth movement after he failed to do so with the first one?

Boone is neither the solution nor the problem. But anybody who isn't actively moving the operation forward probably needs to go, which is why reports about his return won't have fans optimistic about the forthcoming overarching alterations needed to make the Yankees a legitimate contender once again.