Red Sox fan who got berated by Yankee Stadium crowd deserved every bit of it

San Francisco Giants v New York Yankees
San Francisco Giants v New York Yankees / New York Yankees/GettyImages

Somehow, this will be more of a reason for people to hate New York Yankees fans while ignoring the fact they should actually be cultivating more of a disdain for Boston Red Sox fans. Because if the roles were reversed here, who would be the true a--hat?

During Sunday's series finale against the San Francisco Giants in the Bronx, a lone Red Sox fan decided to show up dressed in Boston gear and sit in the left field bleachers. On what planet is any fanbase not going to berate a random fan of a team that's taunting the home crowd during a game in which his/her team isn't even playing?

But don't you worry. The Yankees fans will be the story here because ... it's the Yankees! A narrative as old as time.

If this were a solo Yankee fan at Fenway Park on Sunday during Boston's series finale against the Orioles, every Red Sox fan chanting "a--hole" would've been 100% in the right. Getting that Yankee fan kicked out would've been regarded as a form of civil service.

Truth be told, any fan showing up to a game ready to take heat in this kind of fashion deserves every bit of vitriol headed their way. Yankees fans, take a bow, because this was the way to handle this buffoon.

Yankees fans crushing solo Red Sox fan on Sunday vs Giants was awesome

Goodbye, pal. Hope you enjoyed the escort out of the stadium and then a few jeers on River Ave. Then more on the subway. Then more wherever else you managed to get lost.

Let's head over to Fenway and see how things went there during the weekend. After faltering on Opening Day, the Sox managed to take the series against the O's because of various Baltimore miscues.

And how many times did we have to hear about the fans "showing up" for this team? First, it was Spring Training. "Can't believe all the fans showing up to JetBlue Park! Amazing support!" Now it's Opening Weekend where Sox media members and pundits are patting the fans on the back for showing up to the second game of the season.

Can the bar get any lower? Throw in manager Alex Cora being "stunned" by the early home run totals at the league's most hitter-friendly park, and you truly have the most delusional/braindead of situations here.

Stayed tuned for Game 46 when there are no Red Sox fans in attendance at a random home game against the Angels and the few "diehards" at the park start chanting "Yankees suck," only for it to go viral and have everybody think it's "cool."