Yankees prove to be liars once again after shocking Domingo Germán news breaks

The Yankees can't get out of their own way.
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On Monday, the New York Yankees created unnecessary controversy by failing to properly cover their tracks when they claimed Domingo Germán was injured and couldn't start the game. The story didn't line up. Nobody really bought it. Because after the news dropped, Germán was in the game when the fifth inning rolled around as Jhony Brito faltered.

He was too injured to start, but he wasn't injured enough to be a reliever? Make it make sense? You can't! And when manager Aaron Boone tried to defend it on the Talkin' Yanks podcast earlier on Wednesday, it still didn't add up.

Turns out, once again, the fans were right and the Yankees lied to everyone. Because right before Wednesday night's series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays, the team placed Germán on the restricted list as he's voluntarily submitting himself to inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse.

Failing at the trade deadline. Failing at communicating. Failing at PR. What more could you want from one of the most famous sports brands in the world?

All the best to Germán as he endures a difficult journey, but the Yankees can't escape the backlast from this. This team decided to stick with Germán through a horrific domestic abuse incident that derailed their 2019 playoff run and compromised their 2020 season. This is what you get when you try to save money.

Yankees prove to be liars once again after shocking Domingo Germán news breaks

No wonder Nestor Cortes is skipping his Triple-A rehab. That explains it. Before tonight's game, Boone also reiterated that Germán's armpit area wasn't bothering him, which led many to believe Monday's stunt was an attempt to showcase Brito ahead of the trade deadline.

The Yankees broadcast wondered if Germán suffered a shaving accident during Monday's game. Couldn't have ruled that out either when Boone told reporters today that he had a significant bit of news to relay about the pitching staff.

Exhausting. The only word to describe this organization. Constantly getting in their own way. Constantly thinking they can outsmart the dialed-in fanbase. Constantly thinking their process is the best process despite minimal results for over two decades.

What's even more egregious, though? The Yankees probably knew this on Monday and had the opportunity to patch up their rotation with a trade at the deadline. And they didn't. Are they serious about anything?