Yankees prospect explains ridiculous double play you have to see to believe

Big 12 Baseball Tournament
Big 12 Baseball Tournament / Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers/GettyImages

If you told Yankees prospect Roc Riggio he would've made SportsCenter prior to Thursday's Hudson Valley Renegades game, he probably would've assumed it was for his walk-up song, the ideal choice for someone who might make you smell what they're cooking.

Instead, Riggio had a hand in making the iconic play of the minor-league season to date, as well as one of the most ridiculous plays ever seen at the level, a sliver of wizardry that has a chance to coexist with the iconic clips of the genre, like the man running straight through a wooden wall.

You've likely seen the highlight already, which helped propel the Renegades to a walk-off winner on a wild pitch following a pair of Aberdeen runs in the top of the ninth (!!). If not, we're more than happy for you to encounter it here.

Please enjoy Riggio, the final Yankees signee in the 2023 draft class out of Oklahoma State, diving headlong into the outfield from, ostensibly, the shortstop position, leaping over a falling outfielder, and then firing a perfect throw to second base to double off the runner.

Yankees prospect Roc Riggio makes absurd diving double play

Want to run through a wall? After Riggio said he mentally crossed his fingers and hoped the sprawling outfielder, Nelson Medina, would take to the ground as his training taught him, he delivered a true baseball player's quote: “I was just thinking, ‘Go make the damn play’ and leave it all out there.”

Medina left the game, but appears to have escaped injury in the long-term. Riggio? He stayed in the contest, and scampered to third behind the winning run on the eventual wild one.

Even after trading Trey Sweeney, the Yankees still have a significant logjam in the middle infield. Sometimes, you have to do something completely absurd to stand out, and Riggio has certainly grabbed a nice sample size of headlines with his ridiculous display of athleticism.

Now, he can just go back to making the damn plays. His proficiency has certainly been noted by the Yankee faithful.