Predicting destinations for Yankees' 2023-24 free agents (and 1 they should bring back)

The New York Yankees have a robust free agent class this winter. Will they mess with any of them?

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Free Agent: Wandy Peralta

Prediction: Cubs, Two Years/$15 Million

Wandy Peralta, a 32-year-old left-hander, has earned a raise on his $3.35 million salary based on his body of work. He's proven himself in the postseason with the Yankees, taking over five consecutive ALDS games in 2022. He's been killer on lefties in 2023, holding them to a .119 average and .170 slugging through play on Aug. 8.

Unfortunately, his control has deserted him a bit. His expected statistics indicate regression is coming (after all, his lefty success seems a little unsustainable). He's escaped plenty of jams. Hopefully, for Peralta, the reckoning doesn't come before he can cash in.

Those metrics aren't a secret, though. Cautious, analytically-driven teams might shy away from committing multiple seasons to someone who could be on a cliff's edge. The most likely teams to sign Peralta are borderline contenders who are about to commit to full bullpen overhauls. Remember when the Red Sox signed Joely Rodriguez this offseason? Exactly. The Cubs, or someone like them, will probably find Peralta more appealing than the Yankees, though we wish him well.