Predicting destinations for Yankees' 2023-24 free agents (and 1 they should bring back)

The New York Yankees have a robust free agent class this winter. Will they mess with any of them?
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Free Agent: Frankie Montas

Prediction: Cardinals, One Year/$10.5 Million

A team in need of starting pitchers with All-Star upside at a mid-to-low-tier price will surely jump at the chance to pay Montas a one-year contract and facilitate his bounce back (while crossing their fingers).

Honestly, there was a time just a few weeks ago when I would've said ... the Yankees should consider it. After all, they targeted him for a reason, and a healthy Montas has always been a game-changer at every stop. As his price dropped precipitously during a year away from the game, it seemed like a new deal could provide significant bang for the team's buck (or a moderate sunk cost, at worst).

Then, Montas shut down his throwing program (again) and has gone radio silent in the weeks that have followed New York's trip to Anaheim. Accruing pitching depth will be crucial once more this offseason, as the Yankees lose Severino from their projected rotation (and can't exactly bank on contributions from Carlos Rodón). It's a better idea if that depth is reliably healthy, though. Someone will value Montas (Cards? Angels? Dodgers?) at a price the Yankees don't.