Predicting destinations for Yankees' 2023-24 free agents (and 1 they should bring back)

The New York Yankees have a robust free agent class this winter. Will they mess with any of them?

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Predicting new homes and contracts for Yankees' 2023-24 free agents

The Absolute Nos: Josh Donaldson, Luis Severino

Do we really need to discuss Josh Donaldson any further? If the Yankees pick up his mutual option for 2024 -- especially after he flaunted their 60-day IL placement with his recent public BP session -- you'll have to also pick up ... my jaw from the ground three floors below (it broke through the floor of my apartment by falling with the sheer force of a jackhammer).

Extending the qualifying offer to Luis Severino in hopes of recouping a draft pick would be exceptionally risky. After the season he's had, he'd probably accept a one-year, ~$18 million to rebuild his reputation again, even if he's grown out of love with the Yankees. The Yankees should not consider a multi-year deal here, no matter the cost.

Catcher David Freitas is listed on Spotrac's group of contracts, but he's on the Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers. The Yankees probably don't have much of a say in his offseason, but I personally hope he has a nice one!

The "Maybe, But Probably Nots": Keynan Middleton

Hey, let's see what the rest of his season looks like! The Yankees traded for him for a reason. That said, he's a fifth-or-sixth-or-seventh reliever. New York prints relievers. Using their budget on Middleton doesn't sound wise.