Yankees News: Non-tender deadline, 40-man roster, Domingo Germán, Jake Bauers

The first days of the New York Yankees roster exodus have begun.
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
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MLB News: Padres Financial Problems, Juan Soto trade, Max Muncy

*The San Diego Padres reportedly took out a $50 million loan at the end of the 2023 season in order to cover payroll costs. According to The Athletic, they tried to make that loan $100 million, but MLB said, "That's scary money. Do 50." Considering we already knew they were trying to clear $50 million in payroll this offseason, in an ideal world, that certainly makes it sound as if a Juan Soto trade is a necessity.

*Max Muncy and the Los Angeles Dodgers agreed to a team-friendly two-year, $24 million extension with an option for 2026 that buys out the option year he initially had for 2024. Some thought the Dodgers might shake up their core by picking up Muncy's option and dangling him on the trade market. That will not happen.

*What on earth is the Braves Foundation, and why does it receive a little kickback every time Atlanta makes a personnel move? Regardless, in a completely unsurprising development, the Braves struck first this offseason, extending reliever Joe Jimenéz while the Rangers were still nursing their hangover.

*Former Boston Red Sox lefty Eduardo Rodríguez plans to opt out of his contract and enter free agency, if that kind of thing interests you. No! Eduardo, wait! Once you do that, you won't have a no-trade clause anymore! Eduardooooo!