Yankees News: New York adds prospect to 40-man roster, hitting coach, David Ross

The Yankees have plenty more protecting to do, but this is a start.
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MLB News: David Ross available after shocking Cubs dismissal

Looking for a bench coach? If you prefer to fill your consigliere coaching roles with Aaron Boone's friends, then why not former backup catcher David Ross, who's suddenly out of a job?

Both Ross and Boone were ESPN color analysts during the 2017 season, and each man went on to bigger and better things in big-league managerial roles (Boone in 2018, Ross in 2020).

Now, with a vacancy by Boone's side, Ross is stunningly available, shucked aside by the Cubs in favor of a five-year, $40 million deal with Craig Counsell, inked in secret on Monday morning. Ross had received plenty of assurances that he would remain in the Cubs' dugout, even after the team's surprising collapse out of a Wild Card spot down the stretch run in 2023.

Instead, the Cubs made basically the only move that could justify shattering the locker room and handing Ross his surprise walking papers. Now, the Yankees stand to gain. Or, perhaps, the Red Sox could use a 2013 World Champion by Alex Cora's side, under his old teammate Craig Breslow's watch in the front office? Yeah, finding an alternate role for Rojas and moving Ross into the Yankees' dugout quickly feels wise.

And, oh, would you look at that? Buzz from Day 1 of the GM Meetings claims Boone and Ross have a good relationship. Ball's in Ross' court -- but, regardless, it seems like the Yankees will move slowly here and look externally.

Other candidates with zip include Joe Espada (posited by Chris Kirschner), Willie Randolph and Carlos Beltrán.