Yankees News: New hitting coach's Juan Soto connection, Trevor Bauer, Chaim Bloom

Yes, No, and Ha.
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On Monday's episode of the Yanks Go Yard Podcast, FanSided's MLB insider Robert Murray stressed that Yankees fans needed to be patient this offseason as they await the team's next (hopefully) momentous addition. Why? The market is the slowest it's been in quite some time. And everyone is at the mercy of Scott Boras dangling his most valuable chips.

So that means ... a news roundup about New York's assistant hitting coach, Trevor Bauer's free agency, and Chaim Bloom's new job is on the way! We promise, we'll do better when we can.

But if you wanted an inspiring nugget of news, the Yankees' newest member on Aaron Boone's staff, assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler, was clearly hired with intention. He has a connection to Juan Soto from 2020-2022 when they were both with the Washington Nationals.

Roessler was the Nats' assistant hitting coach from 2020-2023 and helped assist Soto during arguably the best stretch of his career. The 2020 and 2021 seasons represent Soto's most impactful work to date. He was named an All-Star for the first time in 2021 and was a few missed games away from winning NL MVP during the shortened 2020.

Maybe this is part of the Yankees' long-term plan to get Soto to remain a fixture in the Bronx. Look at that! Tapping into the human element!

Yankees News: New hitting coach's Juan Soto connection, Trevor Bauer, Chaim Bloom

Now for some juicy news on the free agency/trade front. Though the Yankees remain connected to some of the best pitchers in the sport (yes, again, we'll remain patient), Trevor Bauer's name has inevitably come across the desk of Yankees Twitter. Though folks remain split on whether or not adding him this offseason would be a good decision, we have the closest thing to an answer as we can possibly get.

Per The Athletic (subscription required), the Yankees have expressed zero interest in Bauer and are not expected to sign him. In fact, do you know how uninterested the Yankees are in Bauer? They were willing to facilitate a rumor that suggested they were open to signing public enemy Marcus Stroman (either that, or they didn't even feel the need to rebuke it).

Hey, anything can happen -- you might be right. But not this. This will not happen. Signing Trevor Bauer is where that saying reaches its limit.

In funnier news, former Red Sox president of baseball operations Chaim Bloom has already landed on his feet after just a few months of unemployment. Bloom was fired from his position as Red Sox President of Baseball Operations in late September when the Yankees were in town for a series at Fenway Park. It was weird.

Was Bloom put in a terrible position as Boston's ownership group looked to turn the Red Sox into a modern day knockoff moneyball team? Absolutely. Did his small market-minded, "Rays-esque" moves that were supposed to make the Red Sox a feared roster pan out? Overall ... not really. This, plain and simple, wasn't the right match.

But Bloom is certainly a respected baseball mind after all the work he did in Tampa's front office for years, and the St. Louis Cardinals value that, which is why they hired Bloom to be a special advisor to President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak.

The Cards, in a sense, are desperate. They're coming off their worst season in modern franchise history and this is supposed to be a "win now" window for them. But they're the perfect team to make such an addition.

Something clearly needs changing in St. Louis. Maybe they need to find more production at the margins. Maybe they need some flavor of a different approach to their baseball ops. Bloom could add what's missing. Or not. Either way, it's worth a shot.

What we're hoping for? Mozeliak steps down after the 2024 season, the Cards identify Bloom as the best candidate to take over for him, and the Red Sox regret ever letting ownership's influence stifle his abilities as an executive.