Yankees News: MLB insider's 2 wild mock trades, Mets and Giants enter Juan Soto race

Let's get weird.
St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres
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Though all's been quiet on the MLB front, there are big moves bubbling beneath the surface. And the Winter Meetings is the checkpoint for those signings and trades to go down. The New York Yankees remain at the forefront of two momentous discussions surrounding Juan Soto and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

Much of the conversation has focused on the Yankees not being out-bid on Soto in trades talks and Yamamoto in free agency. If they get burned on both of those, see you in 2025. Brian Cashman can't let that happen.

Soto's situation is more up in the air, however, because it's all dependent on the Padres' willingness to move him and whatever trade package that will entice them to do so. There have been some proposed deals that have had many fans go "yes, do that, right now, please," but it's hard to see other teams getting similar treatment.

Over the holiday weekend, MLB.com's Anthony Castrovince came up with six blockbuster trades that could shake up the offseason, and one of them featured Soto going to Seattle ... but the Mariners would hardly be surrendering anything?

Castrovince pitched Soto and pitcher Tom Cosgrove for pitcher Bryce Miller, outfielder Jarred Kelenic and top shortstop prospect Tai Peete. The Yankees have better MLB-ready pitching and more promising top shortstop prospects to offer a better deal to the Pads.

Yankees News: MLB insider's 2 wild mock trades, Mets and Giants enter Juan Soto race

Let's say the Yankees do the unthinkable and let the M's get away with that heist. Might they shift their attention to ... the Houston Astros?! We've heard some rumblings about Alex Bregman's future in H-Town being uncertain and the Yankees have been linked as a potential free agent destination come next year, but what about Castrovince's four-team blockbuster featuring the Bombers and their enemy?

He proposed Bregman, outfielder Jake Meyers and pitcher Jared Schuster to the Yankees. Who would New York have to give up? That'd be Jasson Dominguez, who'd be en route to the White Sox (along with Astros' No. 3 prospect Spencer Arrighetti). Chicago would send pitcher Dylan Cease to Baltimore and the Orioles would surrender infielder Jordan Westburg to the Astros. That's a lot but it's ... outside the box. Would we do it? Not sure, but it has fans thinking.

It could very well be an alternate route if we're sitting here learning that the Mets and Giants are now getting involved in the Soto trade talks. The Mets seemingly tricked Max Scherzer into waiving his no-trade clause so they could get out of his money and beef up their farm system as they now remain destinations for Soto, Yamamoto and Shohei Ohtani. As for San Fran, though that would be an inter-division trade, it can't be ruled out because San Diego allowed Bob Melvin to waltz over to the Bay Area just a few weeks ago. AJ Preller seemingly doesn't care as long as he's getting a good return and as long as the deal isn't with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Not sure why the Astros would trade Bregman to the Yankees, but if there's speculation of it being a possibility, it can't be ruled out. If Soto is off the table or if Cashman can't make it happen, something of this magnitude must follow if the Yankees want a shot in 2024.