Yankees News: Giancarlo Stanton disappointment, Luis Severino future, Everson Pereira

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

For any New York Yankees fan holding out hope for the playoffs, kiss that dream goodbye. We're not sure why you were rooting for it either, because this team is dreadful to watch. But Tuesday night's 7-1 loss to the Blue Jays all but officially sealed the Bombers' fate.

This offense is still nonexistent and wouldn't survive any playoff-contending starting rotation anyway. Don't forget Giancarlo Stanton would remain in the middle of this lineup and he continues to cut every rally off at the knees when he gets the opportunity.

In last night's loss, Stanton went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and grounded into two double plays. The Yankees went 0-for-3 with runners in scoring position and two of those failures were him.

Most disappointing, however, was his inability to run on a particular play, coupled with manager Aaron Boone's comments about it after the game. Stanton hit a weak grounder in the hole that very much seemed like it would result in a fielder's choice, but he lumbered down the first base line and was still thrown out by a step. The inning was over and the chances of scoring were once again dead.

It was obviously a talking point among the media and fans after the game, and when the subject reached Boone, he provided zero words of inspiration, because how could he?

Yankees News: Giancarlo Stanton disappointment, Luis Severino future, Everson Pereira

Stanton can't play the field. Stanton can't hit. And now Stanton officially cannot run. What professional athletic calls this running? And how did we get to this point? The Yankees have somehow been playing some of their best baseball of the season and Stanton's almost been a non-factor outside of a few timely home runs. That's how bad this has gotten.

The slugger is statistically one of the worst players in the league, currently mired in a 2-for-35 slump with 16 strikeouts. He also ended the game grounding into a double play. He's batting .190 with a .702 OPS on the season. Yankees fans are fed up, that's all we got for ya.

In more concerning news, CC Sabathia, one of the most revered Yankees of the modern era, endorsed New York re-signing Luis Severino in the offseason. Has anybody watched this team? Does anybody even want them to learn from their mistakes?

Severino, even if he was performing somewhat up to par, can't stay on the field. He's been injured every single season dating back to 2018. The Yankees need fewer of these types of players because the roster is constantly hampered out of the gate with key guys on the shelf or left bare when the postseason arrives. How many more times can we stomach this?

In theory, Sevy returning would be some version of "nice." Once upon a time he was poised to be a core member of the Yankees and it all sadly came crashing down.

But the front office investing any amount of money for one of the most frustrating assets in this window of Yankees baseball would set them back even further. It's time to move on and fix this roster once and for all.

Oh, and before you go, we have one more ridiculous injury to report. Top prospect Everson Pereira remains out since Sept. 15 due to a hamstring injury suffered slipping down the dugout stairs at Fenway Park. Even better, the Yankees are still contemplating whether or not to place him on the IL, and Wednesday will mark his sixth day without playing.

The classic Yankees IL indecision. Keep injured guys clogging up a roster spot in hopes they can avoid an IL stint even though it'd make more sense to give them the extra few days of rest while providing somebody else with an opportunity.

Just this team's luck, though. Tripping down some steps. One more injury mismanagement for the books in 2023. This season can't end fast enough.