Yankees News: Brian Cashman presser, Suzyn Waldman's hot mic moment, Luis Severino

Brian Cashman met with the media to discuss how bad the Yankees are.
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

In what feels like the first bit of accountability this management group has taken in four years, Brian Cashman spoke to the media on Wednesday to discuss the state of the New York Yankees and was fairly candid about how the 2023 season has gone.

The Yankees fell to 60-65 on Tuesday night, dropping their ninth straight loss (the longest such streak in 41 years). They're all but officially out of the playoffs. They cannot manufacture runs or hit with runners in scoring position. The pitching staff is in shambles.

Cashman called this season a "disaster" and something nobody, from the top down, saw coming. He admitted the organization has a "mess on its hands" right now. He said the roster is "depleted" in some areas. He said everyone's "embarrassed" by the results.

There was also a moment in there about job security and Cashman didn't hold back, claiming he feels as if everyone, including himself, will be evaluated in the offseason. That candor isn't exactly characteristic for Cashman and the Yankees.

At one point, Cashman also said "shit happens," which, sure, could encapsulate what's occurred after countless ill-fated roster moves put the organization in a precarious position.

Yankees News: Brian Cashman presser, Suzyn Waldman's hot mic moment, Luis Severino

To follow that, trusted Yankees voices Bob Lorenz and Jack Curry offered their perspectives. Typically reserved and calculated, Curry echoed that "there have to be changes" and "things have to be different" after what we've seen, which carries a lot of weight coming from him.

The Yankees seem to be starting off with a bit of change as they hope to develop more young talent while attempting to contend for a Wild Card, per Cashman. They're 9.5 games back of the Seattle Mariners, a deficit that seems pretty much next to impossible to make up after what we've seen from this team, but at the very least the rookies/top prospects will be able to attempt to fight for something.

Some might argue that isn't enough, though.

Count Yankees radio broadcaster Suzyn Waldman as somebody who might be on that side of the fence. She was caught on a hot mic during the team's 2-1 loss on Tuesday, which featured two hits (both from No. 9 hitter Ben Rortvedt) and one error, calling the Yankees "boring."

She's not wrong, either. Far too often, this team goes down without a fight. Once the hole is dug, they immediately fall to the center of the earth. And when they do decide to battle back, somebody blows it in the ninth or extras. That's the Yankees, Suzyn!

This is Waldman's 18th year on the job as a broadcaster and this is likely the most excruciating season she's had to witness, much like the rest of this generation of Yankees fans. You can understand where she's coming from.

In better news, the Yankees snapped their nine-game drought with a 9-1 victory on Wednesday night. Aaron Judge smashed three home runs, including a grand slam. But the story of the night might've been Luis Severino's performance, solely because of how badly he's been struggling (and because fans are accustomed to Judge being otherworldly).

Sevy twirled 6.2 innings of scoreless baseball. He allowed one hit and two walks while striking out two. The velocity and command were there for the most part, and it helped he was facing a middling offense. But this is the major leagues. A win is a win. A quality start is a quality start. And the right-hander needed that after his last four outings (and last 10 weeks, really).

Could be the start of something. Could be absolutely nothing. But Wednesday was an eventful day in Yankee land, for better or worse.