Yankees News: Announcer jinx, Aaron Boone postgame, trade buzz

One of the most depressing Yankees news updates you'll read all year.

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees
Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

You've heard all about it. It's on the back of the New York tabloids. It engulfed social media for hours on Sunday. The Yankees' 8-7 walk-off loss to the NL-worst Colorado Rockies was a historic one and it marked the 12th time the Bombers were walked off since last season (worst in MLB in case you were wondering).

Not only that, but it was the first time in history the Yankees blew two two-run leads in the eighth inning or later. Keep it coming!

Was it the first time they (or any other team) was jinxed by an announcer right before they were sent home? During Sunday's YES broadcast in the bottom of the 11th with Alan Trejo at the plate for Colorado and Ron Marinaccio pitching for New York, broadcaster John Flaherty laid the groundwork for the ultimate cosmic curse.

Right before Marinaccio delivered his 2-0 hanger, Flaherty mentioned Trejo hadn't hit a home run in 120 at-bats this year. Well, one second and 421 feet later, Trejo had his first dinger, recording it in epic fashion.

There are enough lowlights to go around for every Yankee hater to successfully power their houses for the next week.

Yankees News: Announcer jinx, Aaron Boone postgame, trade buzz

On deck after this? Another weak, vanilla, clueless postgame presser from manager Aaron Boone, who was asked about the Yankees' belief that this is a championship-caliber team (it objectively isn't).

But Boone didn't want to hear that question. He never really wants to hear any question that presses a particularly difficult issue to discuss. So he did what he does best: rejected the notion that the question asked revealed any bit of truth and followed it up with those famous platitudes the fans are sick of hearing.

Is Boone the problem? Probably not. Is he the solution? Absolutely not. But this is the guy who has been saying the same thing for four years now that the Yankees decided to give a contract extension after his absolute worst season as manager in 2021. And you get what you paid for.

And how about the upcoming trade deadline?! The Yankees barely have two weeks to decide what they're going to do. For all the optimists out there alluding to the 2017 Yankees' performance leading up to the deadline or the 2021 Braves' approach despite being under .500, just know that this specific assortment of players isn't anywhere comparable to either of those rosters. Also, don't forget, if you want the Yankees to "buy," you will 1000% be underwhelmed, especially if we're to believe a recent report from MLB.com's Mark Feinsand.

The insider revealed on Sunday night that New York has their eye on Rockies outfielder Randal Grichuk. And why not? He's been injured for a decent portion of this season, owned the Yankees in the Rockies' win on Friday (the only game he played in the series), and is another underwhelming right-handed bat -- that's the trifecta of criteria to be a prominent Yankees trade candidate.

Whether you think Cody Bellinger is a fit for this team or not, we can all agree Grichuk not only isn't a fit, but he'd hardly do anything to improve the Yankees' fortunes over the final two months of the season. He might have good numbers through 55 games, but do yourself a favor and check out his home/road splits (he's a completely different player at Coors Field).

Happy Monday.