Yankees might be forced into tough decision after Anthony Rizzo injury update

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Sunday Night Baseball was just about as bad as it could have realistically been for the New York Yankees. They choked against the Boston Red Sox in a 9-3 loss and allowed their division rival to steal a franchise-record nine bases on national television.

Delete Fenway Park, please.

On top of that, in the seventh inning Anthony Rizzo was forced out of the game after colliding at first base with Sox pitcher Brennan Bernardino. Rizzo landed on his arm awkwardly and was wincing in pain on the ground. He didn't get up for a few moments, which made it seem rather serious.

It turns out that's likely the case. Rizzo was set to undergo tests and see doctors on Monday, but the preliminary findings from Sunday night don't have the Yankees feeling good about the first baseman's injury. The team is reportedly "concerned" and Rizzo is set for further imaging.

It's especially troubling that they've yet to narrow down what the injury is. "Right lower arm injury" feels like generalizing an area for now until they determine what's wrong. In the end, Rizzo was found to have a fractured forearm and will miss 4-6 weeks.

Yankees might be forced into tough decision after Anthony Rizzo injury update

As sad as it sounds, Rizzo's injury might just accelerate what's expected to be a tough, inevitable roster decision for the Yankees. The veteran has been one of the worst everyday players in MLB on both sides of the ball, and it became a glaring problem as the weeks have progressed.

Luckily, the chatter didn't get too loud because the Yankees still have the best record in baseball and there was enough good surrounding Rizzo for him not to cause a bigger distraction, but most fans knew deep down that this would come to a head.

If Rizzo was still performing like this up until the trade deadline, the Yankees were always going to have to implement a more aggressive platoon situation or, even worse, have Rizzo exit stage right whether it be limited-to-no playing time in New York/being shipped off somewhere else.

Again, the silver lining here is that the Yankees have time and can see what they have within the organization before taking a more drastic route. Prospects Ben Rice and TJ Rumfield have long been discussed as options among fans ever since they heated up and Rizzo's play failed to improve.

For a team contending for a World Serines in 2024, this is not the ideal option, even with Rizzo struggling. Inserting an inexperienced player is hardly ever the answer. Upending team chemistry with an impact trade deadline addition while displacing a clubhouse presence isn't either, though.

Regardless. the early returns on Rizzo's injury didn't sound good, and now he'll be out until right around the trade deadline, which means the clock officially starts ticking right now.