Michael Kay has emphatic response to Baltimore Orioles' egregious Kevin Brown suspension

A feel-bad moment in a feel-good Orioles season.
Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

If somebody other than the Yankees is going to snag the AL East this season, it might as well be Baltimore, an organization that was recently an afterthought and -- most importantly -- is not the Red Sox, Rays or Blue Jays, by definition.

Unfortunately, even the fun-loving Orioles have a little bit of a detestable streak going. If hiring ex-Astros brass to install a tankapalooza didn't clue you in, then perhaps the pettiness of the ownership group will remind you oh, right, billionaires own all of these teams and all billionaires are exceptionally lame!

At the end of the day, even the nicest, kindest major league baseball team is still a big business enterprise run by a weird goon to maximize profits, and while the Orioles have a ton going for them on the field, they also have stodgy loners in the owner's box. The Angelos Family, who famously settled a lawsuit between sons recently, don't seem to be thrilled when it's accurately stated that they currently run the 29th-largest payroll in baseball.

That accurate statement was recently printed on a graphic run by their own television broadcast, shouted into a microphone by Kevin Brown, a young jewel of the play-by-play game. Brown was discussing the team's recent struggles at Tropicana Field, using an indisputable set of facts that was printed on game notes distributed by the team.

For this egregious offense, Brown has been suspended indefinitely. Listen to his comments below if you dare. They ... are ... horrid ... if you think everything ever said by a human mouth is horrid. Otherwise, they're pretty tame and straightforward!

Orioles announcer Kevin Brown suspended for something Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay might say offhandedly 12 times during a broadcast

The baseball world swiftly came to Brown's defense -- and give his fellow broadcasters credit. They know both talent, and an executive overreach, when they see it.

Voice of the Yankees Michael Kay, never one to hold back or fail to stand up for his brethren, lit into the Orioles' "small" management on his pregame radio show on Monday afternoon. In case you thought Kay might feel uncomfortable bringing these accusations from the Twitterverse to the airwaves, we give you ... Exhibit A of why you're wrong.

According to a team spokesman, Brown will be "back with [them] in the near future." According to The Athletic's Britt Ghiroli, O's broadcasters have been shuffled in and out of short suspensions this year because of the horrible missteps of ... mentioning players who've left the Orioles and wearing non-team gear on air? I don't know, man.

It shouldn't shock us a franchise that opted into a top-down McKinsey-ing in the name of ruthless efficiency and losing 100 games for several consecutive seasons has its corporate quirks and uncomfortable business realities, but it's still kind of stunning that a fun-loving, PR-conscious group like the O's let all this get out.

Come on, Orioles. Forget all this horseplay and stick to what you know: fixing Aaron Hicks and embarrassing me, personally.