Why is Oswaldo Cabrera wearing a tooth necklace in Yankees vs Mets Subway Series?

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

Oswaldo Cabrera has had plenty of issues this season for the Yankees, but at least he hadn't insisted on smuggling any human teeth ... until Tuesday!

Cabrera was the team's beloved energy burst in 2022, but his 2023 season has gone awry. He was even demoted to the minors for a few hours after the team's series in Seattle, but Greg Allen's injury at Dodger Stadium forced him back onto the active roster just in time to hit an insurance homer that very evening.

Clearly, he's willing to try just about anything to get on track this summer, based on the way he entered Tuesday night's game at Citi Field as a defensive replacement in right field.

After Cabrera corraled the second out of the sixth inning, YES Network's Meredith Marakovits noted that he had a tooth hanging on his necklace.

Per Marakovits, the tooth belongs to his Grandma Anna, and Cabrera's mother told him to wear it onto the field. Is Cabrera's Grandma still with us? Unclear. Marakovits will have to get back to us on that. In the meantime, here's a tooth.

Yankees outfielder Oswaldo Cabrera is wearing his Grandma Anna's tooth on a necklace

Yeah, that's, uh ... that's what that is.

Shark teeth? Seen it. Puka shells? Common. Human teeth? Never. Rarely, if ever. You've got to hand it to Cabrera -- he's an innovator.

Stay tuned for more details in the postgame clubhouse. Cabrera clearly has serious sentimental value attached to this trinket, and is willing to take any and all questions thrown his way. You don't, uh, wear a tooth if you're not willing to proudly stand behind it.