Yankees likely eyeing trade deadline as Dylan Cease, Blake Snell buzz creating issues

Chicago White Sox Workout
Chicago White Sox Workout / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The New York Yankees still might be "in talks" with Blake Snell, but the odds they get anywhere are slim. Neither party is in a position to relent, and understandably so. As for the trade market, fans have come to learn it's nothing more than the Wild West in regard to what teams ask for when dangling their top assets.

Everyone saw what happened when the Milwaukee Brewers traded Corbin Burnes to the Baltimore Orioles for an unexpectedly light return package after reportedly starting their ask at Spencer Jones when they got the Yankees on the phone.

In the case of the Chicago White Sox's attempts to trade Dylan Cease, they're also reportedly asking the Yankees for Jones, and Brian Cashman is refusing to entertain the team's prospect in any trade talks (and understandably so!).

The Yanks are trying to improve their pitching situation, but not at a prohibitive cost -- whether it's 110% more than the sticker price because of the forthcoming luxury tax penalties or getting gouged on the trade market for a depreciating asset.

Snell is an amazing pitcher, as Juan Soto noted, but he's not worth $60 million for the coming season (assuming he rightfully gets a $30 million AAV deal). Cease is a great talent, but he's only had one good campaign, and that is not worth the potential Jones has put on display the last couple years.

Yankees likely eyeing trade deadline as Dylan Cease, Blake Snell buzz creating issues

So it's time to start eyeing July for the Yankees to make an upgrade, because it probably ain't happening before Opening Day.

Here's the latest from Bob Nightengale of USA Today:

"The New York Yankees would prefer to trade for Chicago White Sox ace Dylan Cease instead of signing free agent Blake Snell, but they are at a standstill with the White Sox. They refuse to part with top outfield prospect Spencer Jones in any package for Cease while the White Sox are insisting on him."

And this:

"The Yankees say they will not consider a short-term deal or early opt-outs with Snell because of a luxury-tax surcharge. They offered a five-year, $150 million contract for Snell in January but there was no counter-offer. If the Yankees signed Snell, they would be taxed at 110% while also losing two draft picks."

Regardless of who the Yankees prefer, there are very real obstacles preventing them from making a splash of this magnitude, and fans need to understand that. This isn't your typical situation featuring the Yankees weaseling their way out of a very realistic acquisition. You could, however, fault them for letting it get to this point! But why dive back into the recent, horrid past?

They have a chance to make up for all of it and make the 2024 season even more special. We'll just have to wait until the middle of the summer to see it all come together, because the time isn't right at the moment.