Juan Soto crushes one of most impressive oppo homers you'll ever see vs. Astros

Go, ball!
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Yankees fans knew Juan Soto was something special before he ever arrived in pinstripes. But did they know he could do ... that?

Soto, the early front-runner for American League MVP honors, has shown off his hitting prowess in every possible way to begin the season. Clutch? He's got that, whether he's lining left-field singles against Josh Hader to take late leads in Houston or clearing the bases in the rain against the Tigers.

Want to try a left-hander against him? Sure. With runners in scoring position, he'll merely go 5-for-7 with two walks and a sacrifice fly. Can't neutralize him that way, either.

Astros rookie Spencer Arrighetti, after being presented with all existing evidence of Soto's greatness, attempted an interesting strategy on Wednesday evening in the Bronx. One pitch after allowing a line drive single to Anthony Volpe, he tried to feed a 94 MPH fastball down the heart of the plate.

Soto was, shall we say, ready. But instead of being normal and aiming for the porch, he opted into being an alien instead, showing Jasson Dominguez exactly how a Martian does it. Watch Soto's effortless swing, which sends this one 440 feet into the opposite field, off the back wall of the bullpen.

Yankees star Juan Soto continues MVP campaign with gravity-defying oppo home run

Cue thousands of Mets fans responding to this tweet with the devastating insult, "He might do this for us next year, though, maybe!"

Most people don't just ... flick baseballs with level swings and send them 440 feet in the opposite direction. Soto is not, in fact, most people.

The Yankees have won the first five games against the Astros this year and eight overall, with a three-game sweep powered by Dominguez, the original Martian, last September. New York's prowess has put the Astros in an early hole in the AL West, and while getting some playoff revenge would be satisfying, Soto and the Yankees probably just hope Houston never recovers and continues limply, watching 440-foot all-timer oppo shots cascade over their heads.