Joe Girardi roast, Mets struggles validate Yankees fans' Gary Sánchez frustrations

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages

Mets fans had their fun trying to troll the Yankees after the Amazins signed Gary Sánchez to a minor-league contract and incessantly shared the clip of the catcher famously missing the easiest tag at home plate during the Subway Series back in 2021.

Little did they know ... they were roasting themselves? Or at least setting themselves up for that? Of all the fans out there, shouldn't Mets supporters know how this works by now?

It only took three games for Mets fans to demand the end of the El Gary Experiment in Queens because of his underwhelming bat (didn't see that coming?) and bad defense (literally, what were you expecting?).

At the very least, this tenure has validated Yankees fans after their years of frustration with the once-upon-a-time best hitting catcher in MLB. Sánchez's decline was considerable and very notably held the Yankees back during their championship window.

So for now -- though this is nothing against Sánchez, and fans wish him the best in his next MLB journey -- we'll sit back, relax and listen to the chorus of complaints we tried to vocalize to the rest of the league as every opposing fan called us entitled babies.

Yankees fans can't help but laugh at Mets' agony with Gary Sánchez

In three games, Sánchez is 1-for-7 with an RBI and zero walks. Mets fans have already had enough, especially after a couple of defensive miscues cost New York a few runs on Tuesday night against the Chicago Cubs.

Sánchez and passed balls ... never heard of that one before. Must be frustrating to watch as your team opts for this over a top prospect catcher with far greater potential.

But the cherry on top here was Marquee Sports Network game analyst and former Yankees manager Joe Girardi roasting Sánchez during Tuesday night's broadcast. And Girardi actually managed Sánchez during his best years!

Was this a reference to Sánchez being slow? Or was it a dig at his hustle, which was put into question far too many times during his tenure with the Bombers? One may never know. But we do know that, if Girardi had challenged the foul tip that Sánchez begged him to, he might still be in the Bronx today.

But now that this is happening outside of Yankee Land, perhaps opposing fans will realize that this wasn't just an exclusive complaint from what many outsiders view as an "entitled" fan base.