Jasson Dominguez takes big hit in MLB Pipeline updated prospect rankings, but Baseball America disagrees

Don't worry, Jasson, just let your bat do the talking.
New York Yankees Spring Training
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MLB's dueling prospect assessors both released updated midseason Top 100 and team-by-team rankings on Thursday, with Baseball America and MLB Pipeline both taking fresh cracks at analyzing the Yankees.

FanGraphs burned New York a few weeks back, ranking the system 27th overall, but both Pipeline and BA were far more forgiving in their assessments -- though each outlet clearly views the Yankees differently.

Baseball America's list featured a shocking bulk of Yankees, with seven prospects placing in the Top 100. Only downside? They were all clustered at No. 57 and below, with Oswald Peraza still qualifying in their experts' minds (Pipeline removed him) and topping the group. That would seem to indicate BA believes in the Yankees' system producing plenty of big-leaguers, but without a big-ticket item (or maybe it's Anthony Volpe, who ranked in the top 15 before his debut).

While BA didn't bow down to Jasson Dominguez's 2023 season, they certainly didn't make a rash judgment based on his Double-A adjustment period, either, moving him up from No. 67 to 64 (after dropping him to 71 in their previous midseason update). MLB Pipeline, uh, felt differently.

Yankees Prospect Rankings: 7 in Baseball America Top 100, Jasson Dominguez slides in MLB Pipeline

Fastest riser in the system? Oddly, there was no consensus there, either. BA slotted breakout right-hander Chase Hampton in between Peraza and Dominguez at No. 58. Pipeline, on the other hand, didn't mention Hampton at all, but vaulted 6'7" Aaron Judge clone (still can't believe that's real) Spencer Jones into the team's top slot.

They ranked Jones 79th on the Top 100, with Dominguez following at 80 and Everson Pereira at 81.

In what had to be an intentional bit of delicious irony, Kevin Alcántara -- traded for Anthony Rizzo -- and Red Sox outfielder Ceddanne Rafaela both ranked directly ahead of the Yankees' trio. Thanks a ton.

Pipeline isn't buying the dip and investing in Dominguez, while BA appeared to funnel more fuel into his rise.

We know what Dominguez the ranking is up to. What about Dominguez the player? Well, he's scorching; slowed down in April through June, he's now unlocked something special with a scorching summer, raising his batting average all the way to .247 from the .100s through play on Aug. 10.

13 bombs. 36 RBI. .365 OBP. .761 OPS. It's not where you want him to be, but the line is beyond respectable, considering he began July hitting .197, then proceeded to hit .309 in the month and go scorched earth in August (.436). He won't rise much higher prior to 2024, but rankings aren't the be all, end all anyway.

Well, actually, hopefully Baseball America's rankings are the be all, end all. That might be nice. Seven's a lot.