Jasson Dominguez makes perfect 'Martian' reference in first Yankees Roll Call

Jasson Dominguez Phone Home Run?
New York Yankees v Houston Astros
New York Yankees v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Jasson Dominguez's first home at-bat at Yankee Stadium didn't go as swimmingly as the scripture foretold; with a runner on first and nobody out, he swung over the top of an Alex Faedo breaking ball.

His real introduction to pinstripes came one half-inning prior, though, when the Yankees' newest phenom jogged to center field and took part in his first of many traditions in the Bronx: Roll Call.

The various Yankees archetypes handle the bombast differently. Some humble, understated players (DJ LeMahieu) wave until the focus leaves them. Others (Derek Jeter) actively try to dismiss it, almost shushing the fans between pitches. Many players lavish in the adulation, though. Some lob grenades. Some flex. And any proper showman has something prepared.

Quite expectedly, Jasson "I Am Martian" Dominguez was in the latter category. As his name was called by the still-packed bleachers, he raised two fingers, touched them together, and held one aloft to the crowd. As far as ET impressions go, he was only a few Reese's Pieces short of perfection.

Yankee Stadium Roll Call brings out ET in Jasson Dominguez

Hopefully, when the Yankees win the World Series, Drew Barrymore can run on the field like she did at the end of "Fever Pitch" and scream mercilessly in Dominguez's face.

This week is about to get even more first-filled for Dominguez, who arrived to the bigs just in time to be at Yankee Stadium for Old-Timers' Day this weekend. It'll be Jeter's first such event, and surely The Captain will have a little bit of ribbing for the rookie and can show him the ins and outs of shushing.

Appropriately, Bernie Williams was in attendance to play the National Anthem on his guitar Tuesday evening, passing the torch directly to the Extraterrestrial himself. Maybe the two center fielders even did the same iconic finger-touching gesture before first pitch just to make sure the vibes crossed generations effectively.