Jacoby Ellsbury's cryptic tweet definitely seems like it's about the Yankees' mess

Ellsbury seems ready to watch the Yankees burn.
Los Angeles Angels v Boston Red Sox
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When Jacoby Ellsbury emerged from his cave to attend a Dustin Pedroia ceremony prior to a 2021 Yankees-Red Sox game, it became quite obvious that, if there was an opportunity to pick sides, the former outfielder was prepared to do so.

If his presence could be used to make the Yankees uncomfortable, Ellsbury was more than happy to rub his Bronx failure in his ex-teammates' faces and align himself with Boston. Obviously, the night was about Pedroia, the scrappy center of the rivalry from 2007-2016, but it was also about a little something more: the promise of future vengeance. Whenever there came a time to sneer at the Yankees while rocking a burgundy B, Ellsbury would be there.

That time might be now. After Clay Holmes' bungled grounder and 7-3 lead laid the foundation for the Yankees' worst collapse yet in a season packed with worst collapses, New York sits 60-58, well out of the Wild Card race. The Yankees' first losing season since 1992 looms -- and it looms large! With myriad payroll commitments that range from ill-advised to flat-out disastrous, this could be the beginning of a drought if Brian Cashman can't find his fastball quickly (or replace himself).

However bad it gets in the Bronx, though, it won't be bad enough for Ellsbury, who broke down one year into his seven-year contract and was exiled to Siberia by the Bombers' brass. New York took Ellsbury's 2020 season away from him (after releasing him in 2019) on the basis of his use of an "outside rehab facility," and narrowly avoided a legal grievance over paying out the remainder of his contract.

Now, with the winds of change swirling around the Yankees, all Ellsbury has to do is relax and eat his popcorn.

Yankees enemy Jacoby Ellsbury is definitely watching Brian Cashman's team collapse

No further explanation from Ellsbury on the tweet 12 hours later. Considering how rarely he takes to social media in general, this seems like a thinly-veiled snipe at the Yankees' disaster.

Predictably, fans were quick to show up in the comments to mock Ellsbury's injury history. Then, most likely, they returned to their own Twitter feeds to express the same sentiment as the outfielder. It's ok if we call ourselves a clown show. But you calling us a clown show? You've gone too far!

From here, New York heads to Atlanta, where Luis Severino will be unfairly run in front of a buzzsaw Braves team that scores 0.99 runs per first inning.

Ellsbury is unlikely to have to eat his words anytime soon. If anything, that popcorn is going to get a few more pumps of butter as the season winds into free agency.