Yankees insiders float star enemy trade target that would solve main roster issue

No but ... maybe?
Toronto Blue Jays v Oakland Athletics
Toronto Blue Jays v Oakland Athletics / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages

Though it took a few minutes for New York Yankees fans to warm up to the Alex Verdugo trade, the former Boston Red Sox enemy has fit in with the roster perfectly. The dawgs are barkin' and the slugger's attitude and energy embody exactly what this team has been missing for years.

But could fans handle two former hated division rivals joining the team in an all-important 2024 season? As the weeks have gone by, the Yankees' trade deadline needs have become apparent despite the fact they're the best team in baseball.

And in a recent article from The Athletic, both Ken Rosenthal and Chris Kirschner acknowledged Vladimir Guerrero Jr. would be a viable option for the Yankees' Anthony Rizzo problem at first base. Honestly ... he could solve some issues at third base, too!

They also acknowledged that it'd be unlikely because the Jays probably don't want to make an in-division trade involving a player that's controllable beyond this season. Guerrero Jr. is under contract through 2025, which would immensely help the Yankees remain a top-tier contender.

That's probably for the best because, we'd venture to guess, Vladdy might be Yankees fans' most despised player in the division at the moment. The hatred for the Red Sox runs deep, but they don't really have any deplorable personalities. Vladdy is actually among the worst trolls out there.

Yankees insiders float star enemy trade target that would solve main roster issue

That said, he plays a solid first base, can play third if need be, and is a really good hitter (even though he's slowly declined over the last few years). That could also be attributed to the Blue Jays getting progressively worse from a roster standpoint. Vladdy is without a doubt capable of being one of the best hitters in the league. If he's surrounded by Anthony Volpe, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge, Alex Verdugo and Giancarlo Stanton, he'll have a much better chance of unlocking his 2021 form.

Sadly, it's just not a match. The Blue Jays, who have kind of fallen off the map, will be looking to pillage the Yankees in trade talks, and rightfully so. They aren't parting with a potential franchise cornerstone at a reasonable ask, especially if he's getting sent to the Yankees, who have been the bane of Toronto's existence in recent years.

And as we know, Brian Cashman almost never pays a premium on top talent when it comes to trades. He will not be bullied by an inferior opponent desperately looking to capitalize on their endeavors to re-tool/rebuild/whatever they're doing.

Fun to think about, but it's mostly a dream or the result of somebody in either organization suffering a form of brain damage.