Gleyber Torres has telling response to question about contract extension with Yankees

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Gleyber Torres just hasn't learned, has he? The New York Yankees second baseman remains in his head, and when he sparingly talks to the media it almost never goes well. Not that it goes poorly ... but it's just never "right."

He's almost always expressing some sort of discontent, whether it's through his responses to questions, his body language on the field, or his behavior on social media. After being unable to handle the position switch to shortstop, it's all been downhill for the former All-Star.

The 2023 season was supposed to be different, though. Torres was starting with a clean slate. He was coming off a solid 2022 that ended poorly on paper because he unraveled in August after he let the trade rumors clearly affect his play (we'll get to that in a second, too!).

The 26-year-old is at spring training a bit early because he'll be playing in the World Baseball Classic and he spoke to the media on Wednesday. Not sure what prompted either of his responses, though!

First, he was apparently asked about his social media usage? He told reporters that he hasn't checked any playform since he saw all the trade rumors leading up to the deadline -- all but officially confirming that's what resulted in his horrendous August. To follow that up, when asked about his arbitration situation with the Yankees, which was in the news for a hot second because the two sides were possibly headed for a hearing before ultimately agreeing to a new deal, Torres had another Eeyore-esque response.

Gleyber Torres continues to indicate writing is on the wall with Yankees

Really wish this wasn't the reality! But periodically we're reminded that the relationship between the Yankees and Torres continues to deteriorate, and that there's little to no chance he's in the Bronx beyond the 2024 season. Many would bet he's gone at some point before or during the 2023 campaign.

He was once again mentioned in trade rumors this offseason, and fans heard more about it as recently as Tuesday when Andy Martino reported on the possibility of Torres' departure. And don't look now, but if Anthony Volpe has a good spring training, Torres is as good as gone.

"I wish" is not the response a professional baseball player should have when talking to the media about a potential contract extension at the onset of spring training. It's textbook fodder for the media to run with unsavory or distracting headlines.

Perhaps Torres still failing to understand that is one of the many reasons he's yet to be approached about a contract extension. And we wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the main reasons he's sent packing before the beginning of August (at the latest).