Do Giancarlo Stanton’s recent Twitter likes explain Yankees’ bad vibes?

Cannot believe this is real.

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Cole Burston/GettyImages

What in the WORLD?! New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton hasn't tweeted since February ... but his "likes" have been active as recently as Aug. 19, when his squad was in the midst of being swept by the Boston Red Sox.

What's to even "like" when that's happening? Any other possible content to distract you from the horrifying reality that you're about to be booted from the playoff race while your chief rival gets reignited as they recover from a mediocre 10-game set against a bunch of below-.500 teams?

Whoops, the Yankees are below .500 too! They're bad. And it seems Stanton is very much aware of that. He shouldered the blame for not stepping up this season when the team has needed him most in what was yet another depressing moment of accountability.

Stanton unfortunately just hasn't been anything close to what the Yankees have needed since being acquired from the Marlins in 2017. Outside of his 2018 season, 2020 ALDS, 2021 season, and first half of 2022, Stanton's struggles and absences have cost the Yankees far more than his contributions have helped them.

He's sadly been the subject of much vitriol from the fanbase, but as one of the team's leaders, based on the way he speaks and carries himself, you'd think the clubhouse would be in better shape. Perhaps we have insight as to why that may not be the case?

Does Giancarlo Stanton’s recent Twitter like explain Yankees’ bad vibes?

These types of Twitter snafus occur fairly frequently, but with Stanton's lack of activity on the platform, you have to wonder what he's up to with his last three likes.

The most recent is a Red Sox fan account trolling Gerrit Cole after Devers' home run on August 19 to extend Boston's huge lead over New York. The one before that was a report on the Brewers acquiring Carlos Santana in a trade with the Pirates ... perhaps alluding to the Yankees needing help at first base as Anthony Rizzo struggled mightily? And the one before that was the media interviewing Aaron Hicks on May 7 after the Yankees lost in extras to the Rays because of Hicks' baserunning blunder in the top of the 10th.

Is this the work of a genius hacker, or is Stanton trying to send a message that there's plenty more blame to go around on this rotten-to-the-core Yankees team?

Stanton's in a long line of sunk costs purchased by the Yankees, and it's agonized fans for a while. The stadium is vibrating when he gets on hot streaks, but they've been so few and far between that the groans have been louder than the cheers.

The slugger's one saving grace has been his candid lip service, but these Twitter likes tell an entirely different story that has us questioning what's really going on in the Yankees' locker room.