Yankees get last laugh after Vlad Guerrero Jr.'s home run celebration (down 6)

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Celebrate. Do it whenever you want to. Do it when you homer. Do it when you single. Do it when you've broken a tie. Do it when you're down six runs, like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. did on a seventh-inning homer on Saturday night. Clearly, his celebration ended up being justified; the visiting Blue Jays nearly pulled off a miracle comeback, which he kickstarted.

But don't be surprised when, in the wake of a loss, your celebration is used against you. Sorry. Have to be able to take what you dish out.

Guerrero Jr., a longtime thorn in the Yankees' side, lined an 89 MPH Luke Weaver fastball out to the right field porch to lead off the seventh inning, breaking a personal cold snap resoundingly. As he rounded third, he shushed the Yankee Stadium crowd -- which was, to be fair, mostly silent already.

After all, it was a 9-3 ballgame, and they were in line for concessions.

Yankees enemy Vladimir Guerrero Jr. celebrates down 9-3, Twitter explodes

According to Blue Jays fans who valiantly showed up in the replies to defend Vlad Jr. (didn't need defending, definitely doesn't read these tweets, but good work!), this isn't a taunt of the crowd, but rather an exchange with the third base coach. This is just one man's opinion, but a shush is typically directed at a road crowd you're trying to silence, not a man who is your friend. Anyway...

Regardless, this is Vlad Jr.'s signature celebration, and he was bound to do it up 10, up one, or down a half-decade, especially given his start to the season (.182 average, .689 OPS, one unjustified video game cover). He's allowed to celebrate his personal accomplishments however he'd like, but again, when the chips are in and the final results are counted and his team still lost, he's going to be subjected to the worst fate imaginable: online chirps.

Sorry. Let us know if you need some balm, Toronto, after having to read these scathing indictments from 19-year-olds on the internet. Maybe he was just telling the crowd to shush so that everyone watching could focus and enjoy the movie?