Yankees fans should pay attention to Marlins insider's cryptic tweet

What does...he know...?
Miami Marlins v New York Mets
Miami Marlins v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages

This isn't the first time the Yankees and Marlins have been connected this offseason, and it certainly won't be the last -- not until Miami's entire rotation of projectable arms has been thinned out and the new Rays-flavored front office has made their guiding principles clear.

The Marlins snuck into the postseason in 2023, then dismissed the architect of the roster, allowing Kim Ng to seek further employment elsewhere after she made the unreasonable demand of being compensated for the good job she did. Now, Miami's new crew possesses a ton of desirable assets -- breakout lefty Jesus Luzardo, everyone's favorite project Edward Cabrera, reliever Tanner Scott, Braxton Garrett, Luis Arraez (?) -- and could go in any number of directions to rework a roster most agree is fine, but likely maxed out last season as currently constructed.

The Marlins' offseason could get crazy, and Miami is one of very few teams dangling the "high-impact pitchers" Hal Steinbrenner supposedly covets. Will the Yankees buy high on Luzardo? Will they finally be the ones to pluck Cabrera's changeup and turn him around? Either way, something's coming soon, per Marlins insider Craig Mish.

Yankees Rumors: Marlins trade could involve Oswald Peraza, Gleyber Torres, pitching?

Hold on now ... is that Ninja Cash's music?! No, that's just Aaron Judge walking outside the clubhouse with an ill-timed boombox.

The Yankees' interest in Luzardo has been well registered, but the left-hander will command two -- or maybe three? -- top-100 prospects in a package that's shaping up to be obscene, given the 26-year-old lefty's singular year of pushing past 100 innings came in 2024. There's no shame in selling high, but there's plenty of reason to be dubious that Luzardo has solved his health issues overnight.

Nothing on Miami's end is imminent, per se, but just because you can safely go to sleep Tuesday night doesn't mean a deal won't be consummated by midweek.

The Marlins and Yankees nearly reached the finish line on a Pablo López swap at the 2022 deadline that would've featured Gleyber Torres changing sides.

Dealing Torres -- even in a walk year -- doesn't make much sense at this juncture, given the idea is to win with Juan Soto in the lineup rather than weaken the lineup around him. That said, Torres has no future in the Bronx beyond 2024, and acquiring him would certainly qualify as "good" for Miami (and would allow them to flip Arraez, potentially even to the Yankees).

Stay patient on this one, but something's bubbling.