Yankees fans will develop new hatred for Alex Cora after latest Astros/Red Sox revelation

2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend
2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora has been regarded as a "wizard" for the work he did with the 2018 World Series champions (in his first-ever season as a skipper) and the overachieving 2021 team that made it to the ALCS before their self-proclaimed anthem -- "Dancing on My Own" -- derailed their run after Callum Scott threw out the first pitch before Game 4 against the Houston Astros. But they got that 2021 Wild Card win over the New York Yankees. They'll hold that over us for as long as they possibly can.

Oh! And speaking of the Astros! That's where Cora helped cultivate his "reputation" during his time as bench coach before landing the Red Sox job. He helped Houston win the 2017 World Series (tainted, due to the sign-stealing allegations) and then effortlessly repeated the feat in 2018 with the 108-win Red Sox.

But is Cora a wizard? Or is he just a loudmouth cheater? What kind of amateur tells another team to "suck on it" during the World Series parade? What kind of adult man gets belligerently drunk on a team bus and gets kicked off for having an "outburst"? This guy is the all-time worst.

Funny how Cora's "wizardry" works, too, right? Sorry, we didn't hear much about how he led the defending 2018 World Series champs, with pretty much the same roster, to a third-place finish and playoff-less season in 2019. How about the 2022 Red Sox that finished 78-84 and dead last in the AL East? Really feels like this guy can only steer the ship when all the chips are falling in his favor.

And the latest revelation from an upcoming book titled "Winning Fixes Everything" that focuses on the Astros' 2017 cheating scandal perhaps further drives that notion home. This boisterousness and brashness is unrivaled.

Yankees fans have new reason to hate Red Sox manager Alex Cora even more

And what do you know! Cora was contacted about these allegations and he declined to comment. How could he be bothered? He has to focus on what's expected to be a trainwreck of a 2023 season for the Red Sox.

Evan Drellich's book drops on Feb. 14, which is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone who hates the Astros, Red Sox and Cora. What better way to spread the love than to exacerbate the hate?

But in all seriousness, with Cora's past behavior well documented and now these alleged quotes coming to light, how can anybody take the Red Sox World Series run in 2018 seriously? Was MLB's investigation into the allegations of the team's improper use of the video replay room that year not enough to supplement the growing suspicions?

Don't forget, Rob Manfred LET THIS GUY BACK into the sport after a 60-game vacation in Puerto Rico.

But yeah, let's unseal the Yankees Apple Watch documents. That'll show who the real cheaters are!

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