Yankees' Everson Pereira update is definitely nonsense in 1 of 2 ways

Hey, either way ... definite nonsense!
New York Yankees Photo Day
New York Yankees Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Good news! According to SNY's Andy Martino, the New York Yankees are planning to call up outfielder Everson Pereira in the not-so-distant future, counting on his offense production.

Bad news! They clearly don't intend to do it now, and still haven't done it yet!

Martino's careful drop seems crafted to mollify angry Yankee fans, but based on the initial reaction, it's unfortunately done the opposite. After all, fans are smart. They know how to sniff through nonsense, at this point. As enjoyable as it might be to see Pereira down the stretch and into September, his promotion will either be disingenuous or a partial solution to a very complex problem.

Cynically, the Yankees want you to be thinking about their top prospects right now, considering they definitely don't want you to be thinking about the current big-league offense, an historic collective strander of runners. Any energy expended considering Pereira's promise is energy not used on screaming at the current bloated corpse taking the field every day.

Plus, of course, the Pereira promotion report could be frustrating BS in one of two distinct ways. If the Yankees mean it genuinely, then they certainly should be calling him up already instead of waiting until mid-August for service time manipulation purposes, which is almost certainly what they're doing! They'll make absolutely certain Pereira doesn't exceed 45 days or 130 at-bats on the active roster so that he retains his rookie eligibility.

Oh, and if they do rush Pereira up and say, "Service time be damned"? Then he's a damned fine addition to the roster! But ... his promotion shouldn't have stood in the way of adding some bats at the trade deadline! He would've been a great bonus! He shouldn't be the entire package.

Yankees plan to promote top prospect Everson Pereira -- or, at least, definitely want you to know about their plan!

Have you heard their plan yet?! Sweet plan!

Some way or another, the Yankees intended to needle you with this floated report. We're just not sure exactly how yet.

Pereira is hitting .340 with a .955 OPS in 24 Triple-A games and provides elite bat speed through the zone and significant power potential. Hope it still looks great several weeks from now, when the Yankees front office chooses to act on the feelers they dropped in early August.