Yankees error meltdown, Carlos Rodón freakout highlight first inning vs. Rays

These guys put the Fun in Fundamentals.

New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies
New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

If you came to the internet this Sunday afternoon for a sputtering, rage-infused description of the Yankees' latest bout of incompetence, welcome aboard! Have a Mai Tai.

After going down quietly in the first inning of the "rubber game" of this series in Tampa (just kidding, this team is allergic to winning series), the Yankees got to "work" in the field early, creating runs for their opponent.

Less than 24 hours after being no-hit (except for DJ LeMahieu), both Kyle Higashioka and Harrison Bader contributed to an all-time historically bad performance while facilitating Randy Arozarena's trip around the bases. Follow the link if you'd like to watch it, but don't follow the link if you value your sanity.

All told, the 29th edition of the 2023 Yankees Error Festival was scored an E2, an E8, and an E-Everyone Who Sought This Game Out on Amazon Prime. Carlos Rodón, with an 0-2 pitch to make after the malfeasance concluded, instead got taken out to the Ray Tank by Brandon Lowe, then worked his way into additional trouble by loading the bases.

After he escaped further damage, which is apparently legal, he stalked the dugout, rage burning in his eyes. It was perhaps his most relatable moment of the season.

Yankees left-hander Carlos Rodón goes nuts on himself in dugout after Kyle Higashioka, Harrison Bader throw ball around

Rodón, coming off two exceptional seasons where he limited home runs and pounded the strike zone, arrived at spring training feeling various types of discomfort, battling arm problems and a "chronic" back condition along the way.

Several months and one stretch of IL recovery later, and the lefty still has a lot of progress to make before anyone can declare him "safe from harm" entering 2024. Clearly, until he can prove he can be an uncompromised version of himself, the fire he typically harbors for opposing hitters will be directed inward.

This turn of events is killing Yankee fans. The 2022 version of Rodón would've been a perfect compliment to Gerrit Cole, providing an uncomfortable at-bat for rivals and an uncomfortable presence for anyone who dared get in his way. The 2023 version of Rodón? It might be time to turn that page to 2024.